Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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Triptych explaining the relationship between assets and liabilities within pension funds.

A3 digital printouts (copyshop) on chip wood — 220 x 450 cm

Explanation of Component # 1 (Pension Funds)

Diagram appropriated from Grétar Már Sveinsson's master thesis in Corporate Finance: "Pension right earnings and historical changes in accumulated benefit rights. Where should I invest my pension savings?"

Current Assets *


Future Premiums ***


Total Assets *
Accrued Liabilities **


Future Liabilities ****


Total Liabilities *
Present Value *


Future Value *


Total Value *

Picture 2. Relationship between assets and liabilities of pension funds – present and future
Reference: (Gunnar Baldvinsson, 2004)

* of pension fund
** current benefit obligations / commitments to current pension holders
*** employer contributions to pension fund
**** accrued benefit obligations / commitments to future pension holders

Explanation of Component # 2 (Day of Judgement)

Nine of thirteen carved panels from Bjarnastaðahlíð in Skagafjörð – now housed in the Icelandic National Museum. The panels contain drawings presumed to have once formed a large-scale depiction of a Day of Judgement in the Byzantine style. (It is a style that can be distinguished from its Western counterpart by its multi-leveled grid – forming a more intricate elaboration on the totality of apocalyptic events). The author of the largely unknown image – of which the panels of Bjarnastaðahlíð are the only remnants – isn't known. But the origins would necessarily involve a migration from South Europe of either the piece itself, reference material for its motifs, and/or craftsmen who oversaw its execution — perhaps in the mid 12th century.

Explanation of Component # 3 (Background)

An image constructed by digitally manipulating a photograph (of Claygod).

Explanation of Component # 4 (Tiling)

A method for creating a large-scale pictures by tiling A3 prints along a grid.