Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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TORUS (SOUTH) - 2016

A fabric falls on a marble torus. (21 second loop)

The video is continuation of VESLA. This time the camera follows the movement of the fabric as it falls onto a marble torus that stands below it.

The reason that the torus is made of marble is because this material, represents things that had been made to transcend time.Or actually, it has lasted so long because art history has privileged this material. It is well documented and well preserved.

For instance this is the Ara Pacis. Or the Alter of Peace, which is housed in The Museum of the Ara Pacis. This is a monument built to honor the Pax Romana.

And after seeing it in person in Rome, I would come to think of this monument in relation to the most famous anti-imperialist rhetoric from within Roman times: “They created a desert and called it peace.”

A desert called peace seems to me like a flat surface. Or a fabric without folds. Yet the alter of peace represents fabric in marble. It is also covered with schematic diagrams to describe the symbolic value of Roman rule.