Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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REAL ESTATE # 2 - 2019

Photographs of real estate agencies or real estate advertisement pasted onto MDF boards that intersect to from a self-supporting structure.

The photographs, taken in Cali, Colombia, emphasize the grid-like structure of apartment blocks, reflective facades specific to the architectural style of highly monetized economic systems in which real estate is speculative, logos and idealized habitation conditions.

While the complexities of a narco infused economy and its influences on large scale building projects is an inspiration to the work, it cannot be described as revolving around that issue in particula. Rather it serves as a cue to visualize the interplay of finances and the building of structures of habitation on a global scale.

Supported by Myndlistasjóður and Launasjóður listamanna.