Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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A sculpture made from two parallelograms made from plexiglas. Those parallelograms intersect at the middle so as to stand upright and are supported by a transparent plexiglas cube.

Their surface contains prints of the front and back of a Babylonian tablet. One that describes a costumer’s dissatisfaction with the purchase of copper. This tablet may be considered the first customer complaint in history that is still in existence. This seems somehow interesting. The fact of a customer complaining.

The reason that parallelograms, however, seems interesting is because they look like squares in perspective. Well not proper perspective. Just a roundabout way of looking like a plane laid down on its side.

These parallelograms are made out of plexiglass and sit on a pedestal made from chrome and laminated chipwood. It is made to resemble an aesthetic borrowed from the retail display sector and inspired by some imaginary 80s interior decor where everything is shiny black and chrome.

The exhibition is supported by Myndlistarsjóður.