Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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The sculpture is made from an image printed on acrylic plates, and mirrors, supported by a structure made of metal.

The image ("Liquidacion de Inventario") is printed on each side of four plates in the form of parallelograms. Those plates intersect with each other on a horizontal axis and intersect with mirrors on a vertical axis. Which means that the image also intersects with itself in the reflection of the mirror.

The sculpture also stands in front of a print by the same name, “Liquidity” – a concept that means the ease by which one thing may be exchanged for another through the use of currency.

"Liquidity" (the print) is created from two colour from within the organizational principles of (dialectical) materialism. It is formed by placing pink (“money”) as a foreground to a red (“capital”) background.

It is therefore that the metal structure is red, while the mirrors are pink.

The exhibition is supported by Starfslaunasjóður listamanna and Myndlistarsjóður.