Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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Mortgage-Backed Securities is a sculpture that consists of three intersecting parallelograms made out of plexiglas. It contains an image printed on PVC placed in the middle of both sides of one parallelogram.

That image is a digital composition that takes the form of a cube made from a mass of images, which is actually a multiplicity of a single image.

This image is of a window in a newly erected building with advertising for a space for rent.

That image had been stretched into the form of a parallelogram too. That image is then duplicated and manipulated to form a virtual version of the plexiglas form on which the images sit.

Each of those intersections in the digital composition is then duplicated along the x, y and z axis until those images form a cube-like mass in a virtual space.

The cube-like structure, made out of an image of a window with an ad for available real estate, is a proposal for a metaphor about mortgage-backed securities. Because what a mortgage-backed security is, is when multiple mortgages are packaged together to become a financial product.

It is then divided again as tradable assets. Which is to say, is when small things had been assembled into a bigger thing, and divided again so as to be interchangeable, liquid, and therefore infinitely tradable.

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