Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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CIVIC VIRTUE collaborated with a Historical Museum (of Bamberg) in borrowing artifacts from the collection to produce formal statements about periodization, the ontology of time and the significance of objects that have survived decay (physically and ideologically).


Prehistory is categorized into three ages: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. This periodizations comes from advances in metallurgy and implies that all of prehistory is defined by an ability to produce objects that are simultaneously hard and straight, i.e. the blade of knives, spears or hatchets.

As the archives of the historical museum were organized by materials, it provided a wild array of objects to choose as the representational stand-in for the whole of each period. The objects chosen to represent the Iron Age and the Bronze Age were abstracted graphically.

Iron Age object

Bronze Age object

Stone Age object

Ten prefabricated concrete slabs with silkscreen prints of objects from the collection and dispersed throughout the exhibition space.