Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir Hjörvar

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The prints on the left side of the exhibition space are organized around a system of colour that is based on (dialectical) materialism.

In the system of (dialectic) materialism, red stands for “capital” and light blue for “law.”

As in natural law, or the law of nature.

As in the underlying system behind nature.

When red ("capital") is the background to light blue ("law,") it implies the legal entity that is prevalent within structures built on capital. Which is to say "corporation."

Pink, however, stands for “money.”

For pink to exist against a light blue background, is for money to be subject to a system of law.

Accounting is one such system.

The "Accounting" print also exists in duplicate as a pun that references the exhibition concept – "Double Accounting."

When pink ("money,") is placed on a foreground of red ("capital,") it implies the transferability of one thing to another via liquid cash.

As in the concept of financial "liquidity."

Light purple stands for “intellectual property” and light green stands for “product.”

The result of this alignment is "design" because it is the system on which the products of intellectual property is built.

The exhibition is supported by Starfslaunasjóður listamanna and Myndlistarsjóður.