2019 Mild Humidity - The (Digital) Age of Aquarius. Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri. Hjalteyri. IS (UPCOMING)

2017 El mundo explicado: Erick Beltrán y Geirthrudur Hjorvar. Museo La Tertulia Cali. CO

2017 La forma del futuro. Museo La Tertulia Cali. CO

2017 ADIÓS HORIZONTE. Liberia - central contemporánea Bogota. CO

2016 Ofar mannlegum hvötum / Beyond human impulses. Mengi. Reykjavik. IS

2016 Rolling Snowball/7. Braedslan / Djupavogur in collaboration with CEAC. Djupavogur. IS (Catalogue)

2015 C'hu - teatro cibernético. W139. Amsterdam. NL

2015 Cosmos Carl. www.cosmoscarl.co.uk - SOLO

2015 Salon Hang. Kunstverein. Amsterdam. NL

2014 NEW WORKS I & II. Momart. Amsterdam. NL

2014 Momart at Art Rotterdam. Art Rotterdam. Rotterdam. NL

2013 Momart Presents All. Momart. Amsterdam. NL

2013 Time to Recollect. CIVIC VIRTUE / Sil Krol. Stadhausgalerie Münster / Kunsthalle Münster. Münster. DE

2013 Calculated Sustainability Without Decisions. (Curated with Hard-cores' Toolbox nr°1.) Sjávarklasinn. Reykjavik. IS

2013 CIVIC VIRTUE – The Grand Tour. W139. Amsterdam. NL

2013 The Launch Club # 1 (Mindgames – Booklaunch / Slideshow / Event). PrintRoom. Rotterdam. NL

2012 Mindgames – Booklaunch / Slideshow / Event. Motto Berlin. Berlin. DE

2012 Kunstverein (Milano). Milan. IT

2012 Mindgames – Booklaunch / Slideshow / Event & Performance. Kunstverein Amsterdam. Amsterdam. NL - SOLO

2012 CIVIC VIRTUE - Grand Tour Berlin. after the butcher. Berlin. DE

2012 Type & Characters. Lettergieterij Amsterdam. Amsterdam. NL

2012 Mindgames – Booklaunch / Slideshow / Event. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik. IS - SOLO

2012 CIVIC VIRTUE III – The Office of Propaganda. hinterconti. Hamburg. DE

2011 Pyramidion. Kunstverein Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt. DE (With Egill Sæbjörnsson.) - SOLO

2011 Civic Virtue II. Stadtgalerie Villa Dessauer. Bamberg. DE

2010 Home Delivery Service Sudsudvestur (SouthbySouthWest). Reykjanesbær. IS - SOLO

2010 Following People and Drinking Milk. Hafnarborg – The Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art. Hafnarfjordur. IS

2010 Civic Virtue I. Arti et Amicitiae. Amsterdam. NL

2010 Supermarket 2010 // MALT. Stockholm. SE

2008 Open Ateliers. Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Amsterdam. NL

2007 Hid Fyrrti Ahorfendi. D-sal. Reykjavik Art Museum. Reykjavik. IS (Catalogue: D-Sal) - SOLO

2007 Losing the Plot. Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art. Copenhagen. DK - SOLO

2007 Future Shorts Cpn. / Gloria Biograf. Copenhagen. DK - SOLO

2007 Open Ateliers. Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Amsterdam. NL

2006 The End. The Living Art Museum – Sequences. Reykjavík. IS (Catalogue: Video compilation)

2006 In Order of Appearance. The Living Art Museum / The Powerplant – Icelandic Cultural Festival 2006. Reykjavik. IS (Exhibition Catalogue)

2006 The Other Side of Things (on the Other Side). BUS Gallery. Melbourne. AU

2006 A Lot Goes on Forever. Big Love Gallery. Göteborg. SE (With Bryndis Ragnardottir.) - SOLO

2005 Patricide and Witch-time. The Nordic House. Reykjavik. IS

2005 Hreinsunareldurinn. Strange Attractors, Deliberate Disguises. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik. IS (Catalogue: Reaching for the Stars Just to Surrender)

2005 The Son. Purgatory–Signal in the Heavens. Gallery Boreas. New York. USA

2005 The Alienated Spectator. Gallery Peep. Malmö. SE - SOLO

2004 Light Enough to Let it Go–Signal in the Heavens. Blumen. Berlin. DE (Catalogue: It Was Half my Fault and Half the Atmosphere)

2003 Finished. The Art Frezza. Paris. FR

2003 The Weight of Significance. Gallery Dvergur. Reykjavik. IS - SOLO

2003 Exit. Galerie Gauche. Paris. FR - SOLO

2002 BFA Graduation Exhibition. Iceland Art Academy. Reykjavik. IS (Exhibition catalogue)

2002 Art workshop 02. Urban Life/Public Relations. Casino Luxembourg. Luxembourg. LU

2002 Coming to Terms with the Past-Role of Memory and History in Visual Culture. Nifca Gallery. Suomenlinna, Helsinki. FI (Exhibition catalogue)

2001 Byeo. Each Road Away from Home is the Road Back Home. Ketilhus. Akureyri. IS

2001 Ready-Mades in the House. The Yellow House. Reykjavik. IS

2000 A Millennium Competition-Public Art in Reykjavik. Reykjavik Art Museum. Reykjavik. IS

Publications / Writing

2018 nonsensical. Contribution to the (truth) edition.

2017 Writing for Artzine.is: Online magazine about art.

2012 Mindgames. Published in collaboration with Werkplaats Typographie, Arnhem.

2006 The End 1/2006 Magazine & The End 2/2006 Magazine. Zine / Magazine published in collaboration with The Living Art Museum. (With Bryndis Ragnardottir.)

Lectures / Presentation / Teaching

2018 Presentation at: “Hugarflug” – artistic research conference organized by the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS (“Gold, Colombia & the Roman Empire”)

2018 Teaching at: The Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS ("DIGITAL / POST-DIGITAL ART AND CONTEMPORARY AESTHETICS")

2017 Workshop at: Universidad de los Andes. Departamento de Arte. Bogota. CO

2017 Presentation at: Universidad El Bosque. Facultad de Artes. Bogota. CO

2016 Presentation at: Lugar a Dudas. Cali. CO

2016 Teaching at: The Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS ("SAMPLING AS METHOD")

2015 Presentation at: ARCHIVE as an EVENT II. Urgent Matters / Srettam Tnegru. Amsterdam. NL

2015 Guest speaker in dialogue with Maria Lalou: The Operational Model. Momart. Amsterdam. NL

2015 Visiting Advisor at: Graduation Show. Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Amsterdam. NL

2014 Lost & Found. Amsterdam. NL

2013 Presentation at: “Hugarflug” – artistic research conference organized by the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS (“CIVIC VIRTUE: Europa as Cow”)

2013 Teaching at: The Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS ("THE ARTISTIC IMPULSE AND THE AVANT-GARDE")

2012 Presentation at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Milan. IT (With Civic Virtue)

2012 Presentation at W139’s BARRY. Amsterdam. NL (With Civic Virtue)

2010 Presentation at: The 16th Westminster Colloquium on ‘The Apocalypse and Its Discontents”. The University of Westminster. London. UK

2010 Artist’s Talk at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. IS

2008 Teaching / Workshop at AKV / St. Joost Breda. Breda. NL

2006 Artist’s Talk at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Reykjavik. NL (With Bryndis Ragnardottir)


2016 Lugar A Dudas. Cali. CO

2013 Künstlerhäuser Worpswede. Worpswede. DE (With Civic Virtue)

2011 - 2012 Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia. Bamberg. DE

2011 Circolo Scandinavo / Artist-in-residence. Rome. IT

2009-2010 Agentur / Artist-in-Residence program. Amsterdam. NL

2007-2008 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten / Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Amsterdam. NL


2003-2005 Konsthögskolan i Malmö. Lunds Universitet. Malmö, Sweden. MFA

2002-2003 École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Paris. France.

1999-2002 Iceland Academy of the Arts. Department of Sculpture. Reykjavik, Iceland. BFA

Other (Organization / Curatorial)

2009–2014 CIVIC VIRTUE: Artists' Collective based in Amsterdam. With Ruchama Noorda, Gijsbert Wahl and Brian D. McKenna.

2006 Board member for The Living Art Museum.

2002-2006 Signal in the Heavens. Curatorial collaboration. With Bryndis Ragnardottir and Huginn Arason.