CIVIC VIRTUE (Installation) – 2010

Three historical objects within the neoclassic canon selected to conceptually align post-revolutionary propaganda with the ontology of their objecthood.


  • Marble Head of an Aphrodite

    A Roman "Aphrodite Euploia"
    On loan from The Allard Pierson Museum

    Circa 150 AD
    White marble

  • Left:

  • Bust of Man from the Republic Period (of Ancient Rome)

    A copy of the a Roman bust from 1st century BC *
    On loan from The Allard Pierson Museum

    19th century

      * Plaster copies were produced on order for educational purposes throughout the 19th
      century and have since acquired independent

  • Right:

  • Empire Style Clock

    On loan from Bruens Juwelier & Antiquair

    19th century